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Whether you are a small independent company selling sunrooms or a market leading manufacturer that wants to take advantage of what apps can offer to your business, I’m sure we can help.

Create a Personalized App Experience

Want a more personalized user experience?
Need to add additional options to suit your company requirements?
Require a free to download sunroom sales app for lead generation?

If you are in the market for a Sunroom, Extension or Conservatory app that is beyond what is available on the app stores at present, then you have come to the right place.

We are a company consisting of talented individuals who are passionate about creating world-class products. Since its inception, Rapid Prototyping Systems have been working with individuals and businesses of all sizes to build quality digital products and experiences. We offer a range of bespoke development and configuration services working with clients to plan, configure and deploy digital products.

For the Sunroom, Extension or Conservatory industry we have 3 main app development routes;

Retail Sales Tool

Stand out from the crowd. This is mainly aimed at small to medium independent companies who want to engage with customers using a branded version of our standard app.

Additional options can be configured reflecting the available product ranges from your company (such as textures, restrictions on components, etc).

Manufacturer Sales Tool

We have experience dealing with some of the largest manufacturing companies in the Sunroom, Extension and Conservatory industry. Along with configuring the main aspects of the apps, we offer a custom development service to integrate features that range from;

- configuring Dealer pricing, span charts for design validation and wall configurations for individual walling systems

- to, adding the ability to Incorporate a customized permit service automation system to generate and send documents based on options selected in the app.

Lead Generation App

Generating leads is an extremely vital part of businesses in any industry and often it is not easy.

Luckily, we have developed a user friendly product to capture qualified leads from directly within a personalized sunroom, extension or sunroom app. The lead mechanism can be configured to record key information input by a prospective customer using the app to help maximize conversions.

How We Work

Here at Rapid Prototyping Systems Ltd we pride ourselves on adding value to every project we agree to take on. With extensive experience in the industry, our unique customer journey has been developed to take our clients from basic concept idea to that exciting day when your app goes live on the biggest stores in the world.

Fact Finding

After an initial consultation, we make sure that there is a clear picture to work towards so that best results are met for both business and user goals.

When required, we can also help companies formulate their app concept into a sound digital strategy, making sure we stay focused on the business as well as bringing the concept to life.

Strategy Planning

With questions answered and documentation in hand, working closely with you we will draw upon our expertise to formulate the best strategy possible for the creation of your app.

If any staging or segmentation of development is required it will be outlined at this stage.


This is where it starts to come to life. Utilizing agile methodology, we make sure that you stay involved every step of the way with continuous releases to give you full visibility of the project as it progresses. This allows us to make sure that the app gives the best user experience it can be.

At this stage, we work with you to undertake regular testing of data and core features which means we can ensure well performing and stable builds throughout the development.


Only when you are happy with the final app will we start the deployment process.

At this point we will configure and submit to the biggest stores in the world as outlined in the strategy (Amazon, Google Play or Apple App stores).

It doesn’t stop there ……. Once your app is launched, we monitor it closely on each app store to maintain and improve the product as we move through the future phases. This also allows us to recommend additional functionality or changes, helping instill confidence in your target audience that they are using THE BEST!

We are ready to start working with you, why not get in touch?

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