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RPS Sunroom Designer is the unique cutting-edge sunroom visualization software for manufacturers, installers or salespeople of sunrooms, creating 3D high quality photo-realistic sunrooms and patios on your tablet.

Simply take a photo of your customer’s house or back-yard where they want their new sunroom, create an on-screen image of the sunroom to the customer’s design in seconds, then superimpose it onto the photo so they can see exactly what it will look like.

We are also adding a new feature very soon where you’ll be able walk around the sunroom visualization using augmented reality, see inside, open doors and windows, see where furniture will go and what it will look like in position, and view how the sun will move throughout the day.

RPS Sunroom Designer – Sunroom Visualization Software

Features/Benefits for Salespeople

  • Quick and easy to use sunroom visualization software
  • Keep every design feature, style, colour, roof pitch, frame all in one app – allowing you to show every possible design option
  • Superimpose the designed sunroom onto your customer’s home to show exactly what it will look like
  • Coming soon – ‘walk’ through the sunroom in real time using augmented reality
  • High-quality instant print out of agreed design and quote for the customer – no delays waiting for an estimate to come back
  • Quicker sales conversion – no time lag between sales presentation and providing the quote
  • Send an accurate design specification to the manufacturer – no mistakes
  • 7-day software system free trial
  • Pay as you go monthly, no upfront major costs
  • Works on Apple, Android, Amazon

Features/Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Improve conversions – your customer sees exactly what they’ll purchase which means no misunderstandings and increased sales
  • Reduce costs – no need for time consuming estimates; with customization all your product data and prices can be added to the software allowing the salesperson to simply click a button to produce accurate quotes
  • Receive accurate specification data to agreed sunroom designs – no errors

Features/Benefits for End Customers

  • Customers see exactly what they’re buying – not just brochure images that represent various sunrooms
  • Show customers how their fabulous new sunroom will look on their property
  • Run the clock forward so the customer can see how the sun position changes in their sunroom throughout the day
  • Let customers experience how their sunroom will look complete with furniture inside

Getting Started in Just 3 Easy Steps

  1. Simply download the sunroom visualization software app from your favourite app store
  2. Visit our website to sign up for monthly lease
  3. And off you go! It couldn’t be easier

For a 7-day Free Trial or more details regarding customizing for your product range contact us today.

Simple to use RPS Sunroom Designer software when the salesperson is with the customer

  • The salesperson simply chooses a sunroom style from the menu in the app
  • From the drop downs, easily change dimensions, number of windows, style of roof etc
  • Each time a change is made to the sunroom visual, the design renders instantly
  • When ready, use the tablet camera to take a photo of the home and simply attach the sunroom visual to the photo – the system will superimpose the two images together to show the new fabulous sunroom in situation on the customer’s home.

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App Features

Easy to Use

Our clean interface makes it easier than ever to design the dream sunroom. Utilizing the devices finger gestures, maneuvering the design on-screen is a breeze.

Extensive Design Options

Whether its changing the Sunroom style, color, pitch or frame configuration, there is an option for all aspects of the design.

Superimpose Onto a Photo

Take a picture of a customers property or yard where the Sunroom will sit, and superimpose the 3D model onto the photo.

Export Options

Once you have created the design, there are numerous export options including the ability to save, email or print the customers dream Sunroom or lattice/patio cover.

Flexible Pricing

We offer a No Contract, Month-to Month subscription plan. This includes an initial 7 day FREE trial.

Platform Compatibility

Available on your iOS, Amazon or Android tablet.


A sneak peek into some of the features available within our app.